Schools and Education (781-795)

781    Children enter school at the age of five, don’t they?
782    In elementary school, the child learns to read and write.
783    In secondary school, children get more advanced knowledge.
784    In universities, students train to become teachers and engineers.
785    He went to grade school in New York and high school in Chicago.
786    In college I majored in science. What was your major?
787    My sister graduated from high school. Graduation was last night.
788    I’m a graduate of Yale University. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree.
789    If you expect to enter the university, you should apply now.
790    This is my first year of college. I’m a freshman.
791    My uncle is a high school principal.
792    What kind of grades did you make in college?
793    During your first year of college, did you make straight A’s?
794    My brother is a member of the faculty. He teaches economics.
795    John has extracurricular activities. He’s on the football team.