Eating in a restaurant (511-525)

511    What would you like to eat?
512    I’d like a bowl of tomato soup, please.
513    The waiter seems to be in a hurry to take our order.
514    Which would you rather have steak or fish?
515    I want my steak well done.
516    What kind of vegetables do you have?
517    I’ll have mashed potatoes and green beans.
518    Would you please pass the salt?
519    They serve good food in this restaurant.
520    Are you ready for your dessert now?
521    This knife is dirty. Would you bring me a clean one, please?
522    May I have the check, please?
523    You have your choice of three flavours of ice cream.
524    We have vanilla, chocolate and strawberry.
525    We invited two guests to dinner, but they didn’t come.

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