Hot and Cold

- آموزش زبان انگلیسی رایگان - گرم و سرد- آموزش زبان کودک
I notice that whenever it is summer, people complain about the heat, but whenever it is winter, people complain about the cold.
It seems that people are never satisfied.
I don’t like the winter.
It is usually much too cold for me.
My teeth chatter, and my fingers turn numb whenever the weather gets cold.
It is hard for me to warm up once I start to freeze.
I try to wear layers of clothes, but winter winds go through my
clothes no matter how much I wear.
My feet feel like they are blocks of ice on a cold January day when I walk home from school.
I would not like to live in a place that had a cold climate all year long.
I am not comfortable when it is too cold.
I like the summer.
Some people say that it is hot and sticky in the summer, but I don’t mind the heat at all.
I love to feel the warm sunshine on my skin.
I like the freedom of not having to wear heavy coats and boots.
I am the happiest when there is a slightly cool breeze that comes
along to refresh you on a hot summer day.
I could live in a place with a hot climate.
I would enjoy that.
Of course, when you are in a place with a hot climate there are more bugs than in places with cooler climates.
I don’t care for bugs.
Where I live, it is very humid.
The heat and moisture combine to make it uncomfortable sometimes.
It is nicer when the heat is high, but the humidity is low.
It would be better if I lived somewhere where it was hot, but not humid.
That would be just perfect.


if your teeth are chattering, you are so cold or frightened that your teeth are knocking together
if your teeth are chattering, you are so cold or frightened that your teeth are knocking together

Another Source

(of the teeth) to knock together repeatedly, esp. through cold or fear:
-I was so cold my teeth were chattering.


numb  n
a part of your body that is numb is unable to feel anything, for example because you are very cold


-My fingers were so numb I could hardly write.
-The anaesthetic made his whole face go numb
-my fingers are numb with cold
-his feet have become numb
– my feet were numb with cold.
Another Source
(of part of the body) unable to feel anything:
-My hands are numb with (=because of) cold.
-The anesthetic made my arm go numb.
numb with shock/fear.

numb  v

to make someone unable to feel pain or feel things they are touching
-The cold had numbed her fingers.
-the numbing effect of the drug.
-the cold had numbed her senses.


weather that is sticky makes you feel uncomfortably hot, wet, and dirty

synonym humid
-It was hot and sticky and there was nowhere to sit.


refresh yourself (with something)
-He refreshed himself with a glass of iced tea.
especially American English

a small insect

moisture small amounts of water that are present in the air, in a
substance, or on a surface
synonyms: wetness, wet, water, liquid, steam, vapour, humidity


-Plants use their roots to absorb moisture from the soil.
-Your skin’s moisture content varies according to weather
-The desert air contains hardly any moisture.
moisture from the rain rotted the carpets.

to make your skin less dry by using special cream
You should cleanse, tone and moisturize every day for healthy looking skin.
moisturizing cream/lotion/oil etc
cream, oil etc which you put on your skin or hair to make it less dry