Encouraging someone to be patient and take things slowly

Encouraging someone to be patient and take things slowly
Take things as is they come.
Take it as it comes.
 Take it one day at a time.
Take things one day at a time.
Take one day at a time.
Time will tell.(cliché)
= We will know more in time.
 Rome wasn’t built in a day. (cliché)
= Big projects require a lot of time.
A watched pot never boils, (cliche)
= Paying constant attention to something you are waiting for will make the wait seem endless.
 Good things come to him who waits. (cliche)
 One step at a time.
Good things come to those who wait.(cliche’)
Patience is a virtue. (cliche)
In good time.
All in good time.
Everything  in its time.
There’s a time for everything.
It will work out in the end.
Everything will come together.
Everything will fall together.
Everything will fall into place.
In the long run,everything Will be Ok.(informal)
In the long haul ,it will all
Work out.
Everything will work itself out.
I am confident it will all
Work out.
It  ain’t over till it’s over.(informal)
It ain’t over till the fat lady
= The opera is not over until the overweight opera singer has done her solo. =the  event will not conclude until everything that was planned to happen has happened