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What is the world’s tallest mountain and highest elevation? Of course, Mt. Everest, on the border of Nepal and Tibet, China, is the world’s tallest mountain and highest elevation with a peak at 29,035 feet (or 8850 m). The National Geographic Society revised the height of Mt. Everest in 1999 from 29,028 feet (or 8848 m) due to new GPS calculations.

What is the world’s tallest mountain from base to peak? Mauna Kea in Hawaii is the one. Its base is on the sea floor, and it rises 33,480 feet (or 10,314 meters) in total, reaching 13,796 feet (or 4205 m) above sea level.  

In reference to its towering height of 20,320 feet above sea level, Mt. McKinley in Alaska is the tallest mountain in North America. It has been named “The Roof of North America” or “The Chimney of North America.”  

Located about 55 kilometers drive from Amman, Jordan the Dead Sea in the Middle East region is the lowest point on Earth. The sunset touching distant hills with ribbons of fire across the waters of the Dead Sea brings a sense of unreality to culminate a day’s visit to the lowest point on earth, some 1,320 feet (or 400 meters) below sea level. En route a stone marker indicates “Sea Level,” but the Dead Sea itself is not reached before descending another 400 meters below this sign. As the name suggests, the sea is devoid of life due to an extremely high content of salts and minerals. But it is these natural elements which give the waters their curative powers, recognized since the days of Herod the Great, more than 2,000 years ago. They also provide the raw materials for the renowned Jordanian Dead Sea Bath Salts and cosmetic products which are marketed worldwide.

Badwater basin, the floor of Death Valley National Park in California, is the lowest point in the western hemisphere with 282 feet (or 85 meters) below sea level. Death Valley National Park, established in 1933, has more than 3.3 million acres of spectacular desert scenery, interesting and rare desert wildlife, complex geology, undisturbed wilderness, and sites of historical and cultural interest.

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  • elevation
    a hill; a high place


    the written abbreviation of mount
    Mt. Everest


    the act or result of calculating:
    These calculations are based on the latest statistics.
    make/do a calculation Dee looked at the bill and made some rapid calculations.
    by somebody’s/some/many calculations
    By some calculations, the population will reach 8 million soon.


    [countable usually singular]
    a) the lowest part or surface of something
    ᅳsynonym bottom
    base of
    There is a door at the base of the tower.

    the base of a triangle
    a frozen dessert with a biscuit basea

    wine glass with a heavy base
    The leather of his left trainer was coming away from its rubber base.


    [singular] written something that is long and narrow
    ribbon of
    a winding ribbon of water



    culminate in/with   something

       phrasal verb
    if a process culminates in or with a particular event, it ends with that event :  
    A series of events for teachers and students will culminate in a Shakespeare festival next year.


    formal to move from a higher level to a lower one
    ᅳopposite ascend
    Our plane started to descend.
    I heard his footsteps descending the stairs.
    descend to/from/into etc
    The path continues for some way before descending to Garsdale Head.

    be devoid of something
    to be completely lacking in something
    His face was devoid of any warmth or humour.


    to state something in an indirect way
    ᅳsynonym imply

    Are you suggesting my husband’s been drinking?


    able to, or intended to cure illness
    ᅳsee also heal
    the spring’s alleged curative properties


    known and admired by a lot of people, especially for a special skill, achievement, or quality
    ᅳsynonym famous
    renowned for
    an island renowned for its beauty
    renowned as
    He’s renowned as a brilliant speaker.
    renowned author/actor/photographer etc
    a world renowned expert in the field
    Edison was renowned as an inventor/renowned for his inventions/was a renowned inventor.



    an area of land that is lower at the centre than at the edges, especially one from which water runs down into a river
    the Amazon basin


    a unit for measuring area, equal to 4840 square yards or 4047 square metres
    They own 200 acres of farmland.

    a 200-acre wood


    not interrupted or moved
    At last I was able to work undisturbed.
    be left/remain undisturbed
    The land is to be left undisturbed as a nature reserve.


    a large area of land that has never been developed or farmed
    the Alaskan wilderness

    Another Source:
    any place where there is no sign of human presence or control: That garden’s a wilderness. | The city has become a lawless wilderness.

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