First Snow Fall


Today is November 26th.

It snowed all day today.

The snow is beautiful.

The snow finally stopped.

My sister and I are excited.

My Mom doesn’t like the snow.

My Mom has to shovel the drive way.

My sister and I get to play.

I put on my hat and mittens.

My Mom puts on my scarf.

My Mom zippers my jacket.

My sister puts on her hat and mittens.

My Mom puts on her scarf.

My Mom zippers her jacket.

My sister and I go outside.

We begin to make a snowman.

My Mom starts to shovel the snow.

My sister and I make snow angels.

My sister and I throw snowballs.

It starts to snow again.

We go inside for hot chocolate.

1 thought on “First Snow Fall

  • شما در بیشتر فرهنگ لغت‌ها فعل
    را نمی‌بینید اما در زبان استفاده می‌شود
    Yes, zipper is often used as a transitive verb. “Zipper your jacket” meaning to close your jacket, or “Zipper your lip” meaning to be quiet or shut up.

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