Why do you like sales?



71- Why do you like sales?

“Why do you like sales?”

You can answer this question in numerous ways. But to make your answer effective, you should think of an answer that will show your strong points as a salesman. Make sure to cover your own traits that are important to sales. Here is an example.


Short Answers

“I like sales because I like talking with people and I’m good at making people feel comfortable.”


“I enjoy sales because it requires strong communication skills and that’s one of my strong traits. I like the challenge of making a sale and I feel good whenever I make a good sale.”


“I like sales because it fits my personality. I enjoying working with all sorts of people and I like to provide great customer service by answering questions about products professionally.”


Long Answer

“I’ve always liked sales. I enjoy working with and talking to people. I’m good at making people comfortable and I also like the challenge. In the past with my friends, I heard comments frequently that I would make a good salesman even before I got into sales. So basically, I like sales because it fits my personality and I really enjoy it.”

This is a simple short answer. Not everyone can be a salesperson. They need to have the right personality such as good communication skills. You don’t have to have a great answer for this question. But the most important aspect is showing that you enjoy sales.