When you are out of money

When you are out of money
I’m broke.
broke= without any money
I’m dead broke.
I’m flat broke.
I’m flatter than a pancake .(informal)
Flatter than a pancake=as flat broke as is possible
I don’t have a dollar to my name.
to my name=in my ownership
I don’t have penny to my name.
I don’t have a cent to my name.
I don’t have a red cent.(informal)
red cent=a copper penny
I’m busted.(slang)
busted=without any money
I’m as poor as a church mouse.(idiomatic)
My pockets are empty.
I have empty pockets.
All I have is shirt on my back.
The shirt on my back= the clothes that you see me in
I’ve got nothing but the shirt on my back.
All I have is my good name.
My  good name = my reputation
I don’t know where my next meal is coming from.
My savings are wiped out.
 I’ve lost everything.
I’m bankrupt.