When someone is in trouble

When someone is in trouble
Your goose is cooked.(idiomatic)
=You are in trouble
You’re in hot water
You’re really screwed up.(informal)
You’re screwed (informal)
You’ve done it now.
Now you’ve done it.
You’ve really done it this time.
You’re in for it.
You’re gonna get it.(informal)
How could you do something so stupid?
What kind of mess did you get yourself into?
That’s another fine mess you’ve gotten us into. (informal) How are you going to dig yourself out of this one?
How are you going to get out of this one?
You’ve made your bed; now lie in it.
= You have created this situation ,so  you must endure it. You’re up the creek without a paddle. (informal)
You’re up a creek. (informal)
You’re up the creek. (informal)