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گربه من چکار کرد

گربه من چکار کرد

گربه ملوس-گربه من چکار کرد


What My Cat Did

One day I was sitting in a chair drinking a cup of tea.
My cat came into the room and sat on my lap.
She was quite content, and she sat there purring.
My cat likes to drink water, and sometimes she drinks milk.
I would never give her tea to drink.
Cats just don’t drink tea.

We were sitting there quietly when suddenly my cat stood up.
She was looking at something on the floor.
She crouched down low and got ready to pounce.
It was a huge centipede.
I think that centipedes are ugly.
They have many legs, and they move very fast.

I would hate to have one crawl over me.
I was surprised that she caught the centipede.
She put her paw on it, and then she reached down and ate the centipede.
The centipede must not have tasted very good.
My cat got a funny look on her face, and she looked like she was trying to get a bad taste out of her mouth.
I was thinking that I would be sick if I ate a centipede.
My cat looked at me and jumped back up in my chair.
She stuck her face in my teacup and took a big drink of tea.

I was shocked.
I had never seen a cat drink tea before.
I think that the centipede must have tasted so bad that my cat just needed something to wash the taste out of her mouth Guess what?
I didn’t finish my tea.
I threw it out and washed out the cup.
My cat has never had a drink of tea since that day.
She has also never eaten another centipede.
If a centipede walks by, she just pretends that she doesn’t see it.

happy and satisfied

synonyms: satisfied, pleased; fulfilled;
happy, cheerful, glad, delighted;
– Andy was a good husband, and Nicky was clearly very content.
content with
– We’ll be content with a respectable result in tomorrow’s match.
– he seemed more content, less bitter.

if a cat purrs, it makes a soft low sound in its throat to show that it is pleased


also crouch down
to lower your body close to the ground by bending your knees completely

-He crouched in the shadows near the doorway.
-Paula crouched down and held her hands out to the fire.
-the cat was in a crouching position, ready to attack.
-he crouched and slid under the table.
-He crouched down to stroke the dog.
-The cat crouched, ready to spring at the bird.


to suddenly move forward and attack someone or something, after waiting to attack them

– The cat was hiding in the bushes, ready to pounce.
pounce on
– Kevin pounced on Liam and started hitting him.

pounce on somebody/something
phrasal verb

to criticize someone’s mistakes or ideas very quickly and eagerly
– Teachers should not to pounce on students’ grammatical errors.
to eagerly take an opportunity as soon as it becomes available
When they offered O’Leary the chance to become manager, he pounced on it.



a small creature like a worm with a lot of very small legs


to move slowly with the body close to the ground, or on the hands and knees:
– The baby crawled across the room.
– There’s an insect crawling down your sleeve.
– The traffic crawled along at ten miles an hour.

washed out
not brightly coloured any more, usually as a result of being washed many times
-a washed-out shade of blue.

to give an appearance of (something that is not true), with the intention of deceiving:
– She wasn’t really crying; she was only pretending.
– He often pretends deafness when you ask him a personal question!
– She pretended she didn’t know me/pretended not to know me when we met in the street.
– I closed my eyes and pretended I was asleep.