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It’s time to sign up for school. This year Natalie is going to Brock University. She has never been to university before. She is a little bit scared. She hopes she meets nice, new friends. Natalie stood in line to get her picture taken. The picture was put on a card.

The card was her picture ID (identification). She would use this card if she needed to buy books from the school bookstore; if she wanted to get a book from the library; or if she wanted to use the pool!

After all of the signing up and money was paid, Natalie went out to lunch with her mother.
“Mom, I’m kind of scared about going to school. I’m going to be the youngest kid there. I don’t know how to take notes. The teachers might be mean….”, Natalie rambled on. Her mom just calmed her down and said, “Take one day at a time, Natalie. Worry only about today.” “Hmmm. You’re right, Mom. Thanks!”

Natalie was very scared on the first day of school. She made sure she had all of the books she needed and lots of pens, pencils and erasers. She walked into the front of the building and went on her way to try and find her classroom.

Natalie got through her classes and met a lot of new people, nice people. Her classes seemed to go by really fast, and the day went by even faster.

When Natalie got home she was so excited. She told her mom that classes weren’t all that scary; the students and the teachers weren’t scary either! Natalie knew that the school work would be hard, but she felt good about the people she had met that day. She knew she’d have a good year.


a) [uncountable and countable] American English a college or university, or the time when you study there
Their kids are away at school now. She was going to school in Boston.

b) [countable]a department or group of departments that teaches a particular subject at a university
school of
the Harvard School of Public Health
law/medical/business/graduate school After two years of medical school, I thought I knew everything.

ramble on:

phrasal verb
to talk or write for a long time in a way that other people find boring
ᅳsynonym go on
ramble on about
My father kept rambling on about the war.

Take one day at a time:
don’t expect things to happen at once, results may only come gradually