The Wedding

ازدواج، آموزش زبان انگلیسی
We went into the church and sat down. There were pretty flowers at the front. There was beautiful organ music playing. The church was full of people dressed up nicely. Everyone was waiting to see the beautiful bride walk up the aisle.
A hush, and intake of breath. There she was! Oh, she was so beautiful! She had a lovely, long white dress with pretty lace and beads. Her hair was swept up off from her face.
There were curls flowing down her back. Instead of a veil, she had little flowers in her hair. Her bouquet of tiny flowers was very, very pretty. Her dad looked very proud of her. He looked just a little sad, too.
At the front of the church, the groom stood waiting. He had a beautiful tender smile on his face. He took his bride’s hand as her dad left her there. They smiled at each other.
The minister read, prayed and offered some words of advice to the lovely couple.
Someone sang a pretty song. The groom slipped the simple wedding band on the bride’s finger. She struggled a little to put a band on his finger. Pretty soon the minister said they were now husband and wife. They kissed. We all stood, and they walked down the aisle to live the rest of their lives together as Mr. And Mrs.!
We cried.

a period of silence, especially when people are expecting something to happen
A sudden hush fell over the crowd.

intake of breath:
a sudden act of breathing in, especially when you are shocked
a sharp intake of breath


a fine cloth made with patterns of many very small holes
a handkerchief trimmed with lace lace curtains

to pull your hair back from your face
sweep something back/up
*Kerry swept her hair back into a ponytail.

gentle and careful in a way that shows love
Her voice was tender and soft. a slow, tender kiss


a priest in some Christian churches
ᅳsee also pastor, vicara Baptist minister