The Perfect Place

جای عالی، علف
There is a place in my mind that is pure. Everything there is beautiful. Many flowers grow, and the grass is very green. The clouds are always white and fluffy. The tree’s branches sweep the earth floor.
You can hear the sound of a waterfall. It is roaring with life, and the water races. A bird calls in the distance and as you listen, the sound gets closer. A flapping quite near makes me turn and look. A great, magnificent eagle flies over my head. The strength I see in his powerful wings amazes me!
I am never thirsty or hungry. I live off the beauty that surrounds me in this perfect place.
I walk on trails that lead me to breath-taking places. The beach is my favourite spot to end up. The sand between my toes is soft and cool. I love to lie down on the sand. I watch the sun go down. Sometimes the sun is a brilliant orange. The world seems like it is on fire! Waves lull me to sleep. The seagulls wake me up.
In this perfect place I have learned so much. The animals and their homes are so precious. I have learned to respect the animals; they were here first.
The sounds, smells, and sights are too perfect and full of life. There is no war here, no anger or stress. I don’t have to worry about pollution or destruction.
My perfect world exists only in my head. Maybe if we all work hard, my fantasy can become real!

fluffy clouds look light and soft


to make someone feel calm or as if they want to sleep
The hum of the tyres on the road lulled her to sleep.


the act or process of destroying something or of being destroyed
ᅳsee also destroy
destruction of
the destruction of the rainforest
*weapons of mass destruction

*the environmental destruction caused by the road building programme
*The floods brought death and destruction to the area.

an exciting and unusual experience or situation you imagine happening to you, but which will probably never happen
*I used to have fantasies about living in Paris with an artist.

*Young children sometimes can’t distinguish between fantasy and reality.
*He lived in a fantasy world of his own, even as a small boy.
Another Source

1 [U] imagination, esp. when unlimited or allowed complete freedom
2 [C;U] something produced from free imagination, whether expressed in words or not: The whole story is a fantasy. | He lives in a world of fantasy.