The Musician

موسیقیدان، آموزش زبان انگلیسی، مکالمه، زبان، آوزش
There once was a little girl named Rain Angel. She loved to sit at the piano and play. Rain Angel was a very gifted girl. She had a voice that gave people shivers, and she loved to sing!
As Rain got older, she continued to love music. Rain became involved in the choirs and bands at her high school. She loved performing in front of people. She couldn’t help but feel the sense of power she had when she was up on stage, and there was always loud clapping when she finished a song.
Rain soon went out on her own and looked for someone that could help her become famous. Rain wanted to share her talent with the world. She felt that her special talent for music helped people feel good.
Rain went out into the big world, and she did very well. She was always performing her best, and someone finally noticed her. Her new agent helped her to make her first album. Rain became famous because she never quit trying.
Rain loved her new way of life. She continued singing and playing her piano. She was even taught how to write her own music!
Rain Angel had always dreamed of becoming a celebrity. She always remembered her friends and family when she was famous because they had always believed in her.
Rain Angel strove for a faraway place, and it became her reality. She always believed that
what she wanted to become was her choice. She believed that if you have the strength and determination you can make your dreams come true.


a slight shaking movement of your body caused by cold or fear
ᅳsynonym trembleA shiver ran through (=went through) me.
shiver of
She felt a shiver of apprehension.


a group of people who sing together for other people to listen to
ᅳsee also choral He joined a church choir at the age of eight.


past tense strove
[intransitive] formal
to make a great effort to achieve something
*strive to learn English with salamzaban
*I was still striving to be successful.
strive for/after
*We must continue to strive for greater efficiency.
*each of us must strive to improve himself
*to strive for success

ᅳstriving noun
Another Source
to struggle hard; make a great effort, esp. to gain something: He strove for recognition as an artist. | striving after perfection/against injustice [+to-v] striving to improve their public image