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The Middle Child

I am the middle child of the family.
I think it is nice in some ways.
I have an older sister from whom I can borrow clothes from, if she lets me.
I get to meet my older sister’s friends, although sometimes they think that I am too young to be with them.
I have a younger brother.
He is cute, but sometimes I have to baby-sit him.
There are good things and bad things about being the middle child.
My sister is the eldest child.
She was the first child, so she spent time alone with my parents.
She got lots of attention when she was first born.
They took lots and lots of pictures of her.
All her clothes and toys were brand new.
I got her hand-me-downs.
My parents were the strictest with her.
They had lots of rules for her to follow.
She is the first child, so they want her to be perfect.
My younger brother is the baby of the family.
I think that we all spoil him.
We let him get away with some things that he shouldn’t get away with.
His room is always messy, and my mother never gets mad about that.
She gets upset with me if my room is messy.
She tells me that I’m old enough to keep a nice clean room.
It’s no good thinking about which position you would like to hold in the family.
You really don’t have a choice about that.
I think I like being the middle child.
I can relate to my older sister and my younger brother.
Yes, I think the middle is probably a good place to be.


a piece of clothing which has been used by someone and then given to another person
She refused to wear hand-me-downs. hand-me-down clothes

expecting people to obey rules or to do what you say
ᅳopposite lenienta strict teacher
strict about
This company is very strict about punctuality.
strict with
The Stuarts are very strict with their children.

[transitive] to give a child everything they want, or let them do whatever they want, often with the result that they behave badly
She’s an only child, but they didn’t really spoil her. His mother and sisters spoil him rotten (=spoil him very much) .

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