The Dentist Appointment

My dentist called my house the other day. He told me I needed my teeth cleaned. I set up an appointment to see him on Saturday, June l0th.
When I got to my dentist’s office, I had to sit in the waiting room. There were other people ahead of me. They finally called my name.
I went into his room and sat down on a big blue chair. They leaned it back. A bright light was turned on. It hurt my eyes, so I closed them. My dentist asked me to open my mouth.
I did. I thought my mouth was very big, but he told me to open it even wider!
Soon he began poking around to see if I had any cavities. He flossed my teeth and put fluoride around my teeth too. The fluoride tasted like bubble gum.
I had to spit into a dish-like bowl. It squirted out water. My dentist kept asking me questions. I couldn’t answer because there were weird tools in my mouth! When I tried answering back, he seemed to understand though.
His helper came into the room. She asked me to open my mouth again. I had to clamp down on something that felt like rubber. She put a big camera-type machine right next to
my cheek. She did this on the other side of my face as well. They took two pictures of my teeth. It was really cool.
The dentist told me my teeth were perfect! I didn’t have any problems. I could go home.
“See you next year,” he said.

poke around

phrasal verb
to look for something, especially by moving a lot of things around
poke around in
James began poking about in the cupboard, looking for the sugar.


a hole or space inside something
Put herbs inside the body cavity of the fish. I have no cavities (=no holes in my teeth) .

to put or hold something in a position so that it cannot move
She clamped her hands over her ears. Creed opened his mouth to speak, then clamped it shut .