The Best Teacher

-  معلم - ماهی قرمز - ماهی - رایگان زبان انگلیسی
I have had a lot of teachers.
Some of them were good, and some of them were boring.
There is one teacher whom I remember very well.
He is the best teacher that I ever had.
His name was Mr. Alban.
He was a history teacher.
History is not my favorite subject.
I don’t really enjoy history a lot.
When I was in Mr. Alban’s class, he made history seem exciting.
He was more of an actor than a teacher.
If he was describing a war, he would make us feel all the emotions that the soldiers and their families would have felt.
We could almost hear the guns firing and the people shouting.
He would paint a picture in our minds that was very vivid.
When I had a history test in his class, I didn’t have to study much.
I would remember every word that he had said.
I would see him doing the actions that went along with his stories.
He was very animated.
He would shout out orders as if he was a general, or he would speak softly and reverently when describing the death of a great hero.
The most important thing that I learned from Mr. Alban was that I did really like history.
I just thought that I didn’t like it because most people had made it dull by just reading from the textbooks.
History is not just a series of dates and dull facts.
History is what really happened.
History is real life.
All the historical figures had real families and emotions.
They weren’t just fictional people.
After I took history from Mr. Alban, I realized that I really did have an interest in it.
He was my favorite teacher, and I will always be grateful to him for making me aware of just how interesting history really is.


vivid memories, dreams, descriptions etc are so clear that they seem real
ᅳopposite vague
*I’ve got vivid memories of that summer.
*He had a vivid picture of her in his mind.

-vividly adverb
I can vividly remember the day we met.

reverent / ˈrevrənt / formal
showing a lot of respect and admiration

ᅳopposite irreverent
*a hushed reverent voice

ᅳreverently adverb


feeling that you want to thank someone because of something kind that they have done, or showing this feeling

opposite ungrateful

grateful for
I’m so grateful for all your help.
grateful to
I am very grateful to all those who took the trouble to write to me.
grateful (that)
She should be grateful that he was making things easier for her.
extremely/deeply/eternally etc grateful
I am extremely grateful for the assistance your staff have provided.
Our grateful thanks go to all who participated.
She gave me a grateful look

Another Source
feeling or showing thanks to another person:

I was very grateful to John for bringing the books/for his kindness.
| The rescuers deserve our grateful thanks.
I’m grateful that you didn’t tell my husband about this.
We were grateful to get back on dry land after our rough boat trip.

~ly adv
~ness n