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Reading the Newspaper

I often enjoy reading the newspaper. In my city, there are three different newspapers, and I look at different newspapers on different days. I find that each section of a newspaper has some interesting information.
Most newspapers contain several sections that can be easily removed from the rest of the newspaper. The main section is found at the front of the newspaper. This section usually contains the most important news from around the world, from around the nation, and from the local area.
Sometimes the main section also includes some pages that contain opinions about the news. The editors of the newspaper write an editorial opinion. Other writers provide many different opinions about current events. Also, some readers of the newspaper write letters to the editor, in which they express their opinions.
Another popular section of the newspaper is the sports section. This section contains information about many different sports events. The sports section provides scores and results from many games and competitions.
Another section of the newspaper contains information about entertainment and the arts. The arts and entertainment section tells readers about new movies and plays. It also describes new books, music concerts, and art exhibits.
Most newspapers also have a business section. This section provides information about new business deals, and about the stock market. Many people read the business section of the newspaper to gain information and advice about investing their money.
Finally, newspapers usually have a section for classified advertisements. This section allows people to advertise about things that they want to buy or sell. It also gives notices about job openings.
Reading the newspaper is surely a good way to keep informed about many different events in the world around us.


things such as films, television, performances etc that are intended to amuse or interest people
The town provides a wide choice of entertainment.

There will be live entertainment (=performed then, not recorded) throughout the day.
light entertainment (=comedy)
The dolphins give good entertainment value (=a lot of amusement and interest) .
the entertainment industry/business/world


[countable] an agreement or arrangement, especially in business or politics, that helps both sides involved
They made a deal to sell the land to a property developer.
deal with
rumors that the company had struck a deal with Microsoft to market its products
deal between
Twelve US soldiers were released after a deal between the army and the guerillas.
Cash incentives worth almost £45 million helped to clinch the deal .

You can get some really good deals on the internet.
She and Branson have been discussing a possible business deal together.
The merger is still far from being a done deal .
a new band signing a major record deal

stock market:

the business of buying and selling stocks and shares
a place where stocks and shares are bought and sold
ᅳsynonym stock exchange


a job that is available
There are very few openings in scientific research.