Questioning someone’s sanity

Questioning someone’s sanity
Are you crazy?
Is he nuts? (slang)
Are you psychotic, or what?
 Are you out of your mind?
 Are you out of your head?
Are you out of your gourd? (informal)
gourd =head
Are you out of your skull? (informal)
Are you out of your tree? (slang)
Are you out of it?
Have you gone crazy?
Are you mental? (slang)
Have you gone insane?
Have you gone mad?
Have you gone stark raving mad?
Have you gone loco? (informal)
loco (Spanish) = crazy
 Have you gone plumb loco? (informal)
plumb loco = completely crazy
Have you lost your mind?
 Have you lost your senses?
 Have you lost your marbles?
 Have you wigged out? (slang)
Have you completely flipped out?(slang)
 Have you flipped your lid? (slang)
 Have you completely lost it? (informal)
Have you completely lost touch with reality?
Have you taken leave of your senses?
Do you have a screw loose? (slang)
What planet are you from?
What planet are you on?
 Do you have rocks in your head? (informal)
Do you have bats in your belfry? (slang)
 Are there bats in your belfry? (slang)
 Are you playing with a full deck? (slang)