“ParticipAction” was the name of the Canadian government program designed to encourage Canadians to get and stay physically fit. Created in 1971 by the federal government, ParticipAction was successful in encouraging Canadians to be active and to stay healthy.  

ParticipAction was created by the Canadian Liberal government of Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau. Trudeau believed that sport and recreation should play an important role in the lives of Canadian citizens. His government took two steps towards the accomplishment of this goal. First, a government agency was created to provide funds for high performance athletes, such as those training and competing in the Olympic Games. A second agency was created to encourage participation and physical activity in the general Canadian population. It was out of this second agency that ParticipAction was born.

ParticipAction became famous in the 1970s because of a series of television commercials. In these commercials, a young Canadian in his 20’s was seen being out-run by a 60-year old Swedish man. The message was that Canadians had become lazy and inactive. This was probably true of Canadians at the time. Physical fitness was not highly encouraged in schools, especially for women. Also, the government played little role in encouraging physical activity before ParticipAction.  

The result of ParticipAction was impressive. Canadians became more active in the years following the program’s inception. Also, fitness and activity were encouraged through physical education programs. ParticipAction was seen as a positive program because it got Canadians active while reducing health care costs caused by inactivity and poor physical conditioning.  

Recently, ParticipAction was terminated by the federal government because of a lack of funding. Many people thought this was a shame given the positive messages the program gave to otherwise inactive Canadians. Despite the program’s termination, ParticipAction has made a long-lasting impression on Canadians. Hopefully, its positive example of physical fitness for Canadians will continue in the future.


an activity that you do for pleasure or amusement
ᅳsee also hobby, pastime, leisure
His only recreations are drinking beer and watching football.
the provision of recreation facilities (=places or equipment for people to use to enjoy themselves)
recreation ground/area/room
a recreation area for children to play in

ᅳrecreational adjective
recreational activities


someone who lives in a particular town, country, or state
We need our schools to teach students to be good citizens.
The mayor urged citizens to begin preparing for a major storm.


an advertisement on television or radio


causing admiration, esp. by giving one a feeling of size, importance, or great skill; making a strong or good impression:

an impressive speech/speaker
the great cathedral with its impressive spire



the start of an organization or institution :  
a CD collection covering the band from its inception in 1994


to change to a new feeling, situation, or state
ᅳsynonym become
Don’t get upset.
She soon got bored with the job.
He calmed down as he got older.
Eat your dinner before it gets cold.
This is getting silly.
get to be something
informal It’s getting to be a problem.
How did you get to be so smart?


formal if something terminates, or if you terminate it, it ends
ᅳsynonym endThe court ruled that the contract must be terminated.a woman’s decision on whether or not to terminate the pregnancy
if a train, bus, or ship terminates at a particular place, its journey ends there
The train from Paris terminates at Waterloo.
The next train terminates here. (=it goes no further) | Your contract has been terminated. | to terminate a pregnancy



the opinion or feeling you have about someone or something because of the way they seem :  
When we looked around the school we got a very good impression.
I got the impression that she wasn’t very happy with her job.
impression of
What was your impression of Roger?