دوست من در دفتر کناری

دوست من در دفتر کناری


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My Friend in the Next Office

Sometimes she asks my advice now about her work or about a problem and I ask her advice. Sometimes she comes in to my office and says ” I’m really angry, can I whine to you?” Then she talks about a problem and I listen, and then she returns cheerfully to her office. Sometimes I go into her office and say. ” I’m upset about something that happened; can I come in for a minute?” Then I grumble to her and she listens, and then I go back cheerfully to my office. Each of us feels better when we have shared our problems. Then they are no longer problems.

When I started my job a year ago at the university, I did not know my way around. I did not know where to find anything. I had a million questions. But Dianne in the next office took me on a tour showing me the places to eat, the library, the lecture rooms, where to get a picture ID card, how to get from one building to another. When I had a question I asked Dianne: how to use the telephone, where to make copies, where to print with my computer, the location of my mailbox.

She teaches as I do. We both spend a lot of time helping students and answering their questions. She giggles a lot; I hear her laugh with her students.

Dianne is shy in a group of people. She is quiet and does not start a conversation. Everyone around her talks and she listens. On Friday afternoons, she makes popcorn for everyone. We all sit in the staff room and eat microwaved popcorn and drink tea and talk. We start to relax for the weekend and talk about our plans.
She is a good friend; she helps my students when I am not there; she wishes me good luck when I go to a lecture. I am very glad that she can be my friend in the office beside mine.


to complain in a sad, annoying voice about something
ᅳsynonym moan

Oh Charlotte, please stop whining.’I don’t understand,’ whined Rose.
whine about
The sergeant was whining about how hard he had been forced to work recently.

(She’s asking you if you will be supportive and listen to her complain about an issue she’s angry about.)


to keep complaining in an unhappy way
ᅳsynonym moan
grumble about/at
Farmers are always grumbling about the weather.
grumble that
A few passengers grumbled that their cabins were too small.
‘This is boring,’ Kathleen grumbled.