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داستان انگلیسی عروسک من

داستان انگلیسی عروسک من

Doll-Little-pink-baby-داستان انگلیسی عروسک من

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My Doll

When I was an infant, I got a rag doll.
It was a very plain, little doll, and it wore a clown outfit and a clown’s hat.
I used to take that doll to bed with me every night.
I couldn’t go to bed without my doll.
My mother used to pretend that the doll was talking to me.
She would make the doll dance and sing songs.
I would talk to the doll.
My mother would answer for the doll, but I was a baby, and I thought that the doll was
actually talking to me.
That doll was my best friend.
I took her everywhere.
One time I took her to a store with me, and I left her on a shelf in the store.
We were halfway home when I realized that I didn’t have my doll with me.
I was very upset.
My mother and I rushed back to the store.
My doll was still there.
I was so relieved.
I hugged my doll, and I promised myself that I would never leave her anywhere again.
I couldn’t imagine life without that doll.
Through the years, the doll became less important in my life.
I had other things to do, but the doll still sat on my bed during the day, and I still took it to bed at night.
I gave that doll a lot of love when I was little.
In fact, I loved the doll so much that she looks tattered and torn now.
There are parts of her face and hands that are almost worn away.
I had a lot of other toys when I was little, but none of them were ever so important as that doll.
I don’t play with toys anymore, but that doll is still in my room.
She sits in a special chair in the corner.
I’ll always have that doll.
No matter how worn out she is, I’ll always keep her and cherish her as a part of my early childhood.

rag doll:
rag-doll :: rag-doll
a soft doll made of cloth

at a middle point in space or time between two things
ᅳsynonym partway

halfway through/up/down/between etc
*He chased Kevin halfway up the stairs.

*It was a terrible film – I left halfway through.

*traffic queues stretching back halfway to London
the halfway stage/mark/point

*They’ve just reached the halfway stage of the project.

relieved (adj):
feeling happy because you are no longer worried about something
greatly/immensely/extremely etc relieved
*She looked immensely relieved when she heard the news.
relieved to see/hear/know something

*His mother was relieved to see him happy again.
relieved (that)
*I felt relieved that Ben would be there.
*A relieved smile spread over his face.


used after verbs, nouns, and adjectives to introduce a clause which shows what someone says or thinks, or states a fact or reason
*If she said that she’d come, she’ll come.

*I can’t believe that he’s only 17.
*Are you sure that they live in Park Lane?
*allegations that he is guilty of war crimes
*The fact that he is your brother-in-law should not affect your decision.
*He might have left the money for the simple reason that he didn’t know it was there.

wear away:

phrasal verb
to gradually become thinner or smoother, or to make something become like this, because of rubbing or touching
*The leather is starting to wear away at the seams.
wear something ↔ away
*Most of the grass had already been worn away by the spectators.

*In the course of centuries, the wind has worn away the rock.

cherish :: cherish
if you cherish something, it is very important to you
*He was a man who cherished his privacy.

*I still cherish the memory of that day.
cherish a hope/an idea/a dream etc
*a willingness to re-examine cherished beliefs

*he would cherish his parents
*that is a memory I will always cherish


to love someone or something very much and take care of them well
*In marriage, a man promises to cherish his wife.

*his most cherished possession
Another Source
1 to care for tenderly; love:
*The old man cherished the girl as if she were his daughter.
*his most cherished possession

2 to keep (hope, love, or other deep feelings) firmly in mind:

*I cherish the hope that he will come back.
*cherished memories