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A song comes on the radio. My lips start to move, singing along. My fingers start to snap; my feet begin to tap. The music sinks deep into my soul. I listen to the music as it fills my brain, and I remember when I used to sing. I sang in front of huge crowds. I loved it when they watched me and clapped for me when I was finished.
Letting out my feelings when I was sad, mad, happy, or glad was when I would sing. I sang in the shower; I sang in the rain; I sang in church; I sang walking down the street!
Music has always been a big part of my life. It seems like I was a baby when I started playing the piano! I would sit on my sister’s lap while she played the piano, and I would bang on the keys. I remember sitting beside her and learning how to sing. I sang my little lungs out!
As I grew, I listened to other singers on tapes, the radio and C.D.s. I took those things that I heard from different singers and made myself sound like them. Soon, I could take what I had heard all my life and make it into my own sound.
I have always liked singing jazz and blues. I don’t listen to jazz and blues a lot, however. I listen to pop, rock, classical and some country. As you can see, I like many types of music. I have seen musicals, too, like Phantom of the Opera and Les Miserables. Those musicals were amazing. There were such bright costumes and stage sets, not to mention the wonderful songs and singing.
Music has been on this earth since the beginning of time, and it touches every one in a different way. I know it has not only touched me, but is a big part of my very being!

making a noise by moving the second finger quickly along the thumb


[transitive] to make a regular pattern of sounds with your fingers or feet, especially when you are listening to music
She tapped her feet in time to the music. a toe-tapping tune


[intransitive] to move downwards to a lower level
The sun was sinking behind the coconut palms. Her chin sank onto her chest, and she looked despairing.


to hit something hard, making a loud noise
bang on
*They were banging on the door with their fists.
bang your fist/hand on something
*She banged her fist on the table.
*The baby kept banging the table with his spoon.

blues also the blues


a slow sad style of music that came from the southern US
a blues singer
ᅳsee also rhythm and blues


[transitive] to have an effect on someone or something, especially by changing or influencing them
He has touched the lives of many people. Unemployment remains an evil that touches the whole community. He was often touched by doubt (=doubt affected him) .