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ماریو کومو: سخنرانی درباره انصاف 3

ماریو کومو: سخنرانی درباره انصاف 3

Mario Cuomo :: Mario Cuomo

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Mario Cuomo: ‘Speech about fairness’ (3)

To new frontiers of education, housing, peace. The whole family aboard, constantly reaching out to extend and enlarge that family. Lifting them up into the wagon on the way. Blacks and Hispanics, people of every ethnic group, and native Americans – all those struggling to build their families and claim some small share of America. For nearly fifty years we carried them to new levels of comfort, security, dignity, even affluence. Some of us are in this room today only because this nation had that confidence.

It would be wrong to forget that. So, we are here at this convention to remind ourselves where we come from and to claim the future for ourselves and for our children. Today our great Democratic Party, which has saved this nation from depression, from Fascism, from racism, from corruption, is called upon to do it again … This time to save the nation from confusion and division, from the threat of eventual fiscal disaster and most of all from a fear of a nuclear holocaust. . . We must win this case on the merits. We must get the American public to look past the glitter, beyond the showmanship … to reality, to the hard substance of things. And we will do that not so much with speeches that sound good, as with speeches that are good and sound … We must make the American people hear our ‘tale of two cities.’ We must convince them that we don’t have to settle for two cities, that we can have one city, indivisible, shining for all its people… To succeed we will have to surrender small parts of our individual interests, to build a platform we can all stand on, at once, comfortably – proudly singing out the truth for the nation to hear, in chorus, its logic so clear and commanding that no slick commercial, no amount of geniality, no martial music will be able to muffle it.

We Democrats must unite so that the entire nation can. Surely the Republicans won’t bring the convention together, their policies divide the nation … into the lucky and the left-out, the royalty and the rabble. The Republicans are willing to treat that division as victory.

the frontiers of knowledge/physics etc
the limits of what is known about something

push back the frontiers (=discover new things)
the frontiers of physics have been pushed back

noun [uncountable]

Periods of affluence are followed by a yearning for the simple and primitive.
The leaders, the owners of plantations, were reduced from affluence to poverty.
Or perhaps, ironically, affluence has yielded an attitude of entitlement that has come to permeate student life.
The affluence of the last decades was not shared in a very equitable way .
Economists will have no difficulties connecting the phenomenon with the development of industry and the spread of affluence.
Despite his affluence, he chose to live very modestly.
We might comment on a person’s home, noting items that imply affluence.
The comparative affluence of his new customers is obvious.
These feats of endurance make the difference between affluence and merely getting by.
These new levels of affluence are essentially a byproduct of globalization.

usage note rich
rich, well-off, wealthy, affluent, prosperous

Rich is a very direct way of saying that someone has a lot of money and possessions
one of the richest women in America
Well-off means fairly rich, so you can buy most things. People are more likely to describe themselves as ‘well-off’ than ‘rich’
My parents were pretty well-off.
Wealthy is a slightly more formal word meaning rich, especially over a long period of time
He came from a wealthy family.
Affluent and prosperous are fairly formal words, often used to describe societies where the economy is successful and the standard of living is good.
Affluent means rich enough to have things like expensive cars and holidays
People are becoming increasingly affluent.
Prosperous means rich and successful
the more prosperous regions of the country

the belief that you have the ability to do things well or deal with situations successfully

confidence in
Minton is an outstanding boxer, with tremendous confidence in his own ability.
I didn’t have any confidence in myself.
lack confidence/be lacking in confidence
She’s a good student, but she lacks confidence.
Living on her own in a foreign country for a year gave her a lot of confidence.
confidence to do something
Good training will give a beginner the confidence to enjoy skiing.
gain (in)/lose confidence
You do lose confidence when you spend years and years at home with children.
somebody’s confidence is growing/somebody is growing in confidence
I felt I was doing well and my confidence began to grow.
boost/increase etc somebody’s confidence (=make someone feel more confident)
shake/damage etc somebody’s confidence (=make someone feel less confident) Julie’s confidence was badly shaken by her car accident.
with confidence
Our goal is to prepare students to go into the business world with confidence.
We have every confidence in their ability to succeed.
His lack of confidence defeated him.
He answered the questions with confidence.
People often lose confidence when they are criticized.
He gained confidence when he went to college.
She suffers from a lack of confidence.
While girls lack confidence, boys often overestimate their abilities.
I didn’t have any confidence in myself at school.

a large formal meeting for people who belong to the same profession or organization or who have the same interests:

a teachers’ convention
the city’s new convention center
a convention for science fiction fans
social conventions
By convention the deputy leader was always a woman.
She is a young woman who enjoys flouting conventions.
Convention demands that a club member should resign in such a situation.

a long period during which there is very little business activity and a lot of people do not have jobs [↪ recession]:

the devastating effects of economic depression
The depression of 1929 is the wrong model for the current economic crisis .
Its original purpose was not only to control floods but also to create jobs in a depression economy.
The country was in the grip of (an) economic depression.
the great Depression of the 1930s

dishonest, illegal, or immoral behaviour, especially from someone with power:

officials charged with bribery and corruption
The investigation uncovered widespread corruption within the police force.
political/official corruption
allegations of bribery and corruption
The new district attorney has promised to fight police corruption.

when you do not understand what is happening or what something means because it is not clear

another source
a confused situation in which people do not know what action to take

confusion about/over/as to
There was some confusion as to whether we had won or lost.
create/lead to confusion
The diversion led to considerable confusion.
Fighting had broken out and all was chaos and confusion.
Her unexpected arrival threw us into total confusion.

the exciting attractive quality of a place or a way of life which is connected with rich or famous people:
Synonym: glamour
The glamour and glitter of London was not for him.
the superficial glitter of show business
Behind all the glitter, life in the theatre can be very hard.

to give up something or someone because you are forced to:

Cath was most reluctant to surrender her independence.
Marchers who had cameras were forced to surrender their film.
He agreed to surrender all claims to the property.
They surrendered their guns to the police.
The defendant was released to await trial but had to surrender her passport.

if something is slick, it is done in a skilful and attractive way and seems expensive, but it often contains no important or interesting ideas:

a slick Hollywood production
slick advertising
The presentation was very slick.
a slick advertising campaign
a slick performance
You had to admire the slick presentation of last night’s awards ceremony.

friendly and happy:
a genial smile

geniality noun [uncountable]
an atmosphere of warmth and geniality

connected with war and fighting:

martial music
Looting broke out and martial law was declared.
Americans are no longer just fans of mixed martial arts.
It reminds me of the belt system in martial arts.
You write that the Bangladeshi army might just declare martial law.
As a teenager, Cai studied martial arts and appeared in a few kung fu films.
Here glancing on a stern and martial form.
The martial mood intensifies.
It has declared martial law; now it is seeking to rescind it.
Where glow’d each bosom with the martial flame.
Mixed martial arts combines wrestling, boxing and kick boxing with
The ancient Romans were a martial people.

to make a sound less loud and clear, especially by covering something

The falling snow muffled the sound of our footsteps.
Her voice was muffled by the pillow in which she had hidden her face.
He tried to muffle the alarm clock by putting it under his pillow.

the rabble
ordinary people or people who are considered to have a low social position
Synonym: the masses
a speech that appealed to the rabble