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Life in Outer Space?

People have often wondered about whether or not there is life beyond the planet Earth. For years, the idea of intelligent life on other planets has been very popular. Many books and movies tell stories of what those forms of life might be like.
Many scientists believe that very simple forms of life are likely to exist on many other planets. Under the right conditions, simple life forms might arise. Those conditions, which include moisture and warmth, might occur in many parts of the universe.
Fewer scientists believe that very intelligent forms of life are likely to exist on many other planets. For intelligent life to evolve, a very long period of time is needed. During that time, the conditions on a planet must not be too harsh. Otherwise, the evolving life forms will die. The amount of water, heat, and various chemicals must be “just right.” If not, then complex life might never evolve.
The conditions needed for intelligent life to evolve are very unlikely to occur on any one planet. However, some scientists believe that intelligent life might be common in the universe. Because there are so many stars and planets in the universe, there might be a few places that have intelligent life. However, those places are probably very, very far away.
Other scientists disagree. They think that the conditions needed for intelligent life are extremely rare. Because of this, our planet might be the only place that has intelligent life!
So far, it is impossible to know whether or not there are intelligent beings on other planets. But even if those beings do exist, it seems very unlikely that we will ever meet them.


an intelligent creature is able to think and understand
Are there intelligent beings on other planets?

forms of intelligent life


to develop and change gradually over a long period of time
The school has evolved its own style of teaching. Businesses need to evolve rapidly.
evolve out of
The idea evolved out of work done by British scientists.
evolve into
The group gradually evolved into a political party.


harsh conditions are difficult to live in and very uncomfortable
ᅳsynonym severe
The hostages are being held in extremely harsh conditions .

harsh winter/weather/climate
the harsh Canadian wintersa
vulnerable young girl suddenly exposed to the harsh realities of life

not likely to happen
Donna might be able to come tomorrow, but it’s very unlikely .
unlikely to do something
The weather is unlikely to improve over the next few days.
it is unlikely (that)
It’s unlikely that the thieves will be caught.
in the unlikely event of something (=if something which is unlikely happens) In the unlikely event of a fire, passengers should move to the top deck.