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Learning to Drive

Each year, many young people learn to drive a car. For many people, learning to drive is important because the car is an important method of transportation in many places.
Before learning to drive a car, it is important to understand the rules of the road. A beginning driver should already understand the many signs that are found along the roads. Also, the student driver should know the many rules about changing lanes, turning, stopping, and many other aspects of driving. In addition, the driver should be familiar with the way the car is operated; it is important to know how to use the lights, signals, brakes, accelerator, and steering wheel.
When a person starts learning to drive, it may take some time to become skilful. It takes some practice to become an expert in driving a car. One must become familiar with steering, speeding up, and slowing down. At first, it is good to practice driving in a large open space, such as an empty parking lot. Here, one can practice without being a danger to anyone.
When a person gains some skill in driving, it is then safe enough to practice driving on a road. Of course, a student driver must still be very careful. He or she should always have an expert driver in the car with him or her. Many beginning drivers take driving lessons from professional instructors, who can teach safe driving techniques.
Eventually, the young driver is ready for a driving test, which is needed to obtain a regular driver’s licence. This test is supervised by a government official. In the driving test, the driver must show that he or she can control the car with great skill by being able to make turns and to park the car in small spaces. But he or she must also show respect for the rules of the road by driving at a proper speed, and obeying all traffic signs and signals.
Of course, even when one has obtained a driver’s licence, it is always important to drive carefully and responsibly!

one of the two or three parallel areas on a road which are divided by painted lines to keep traffic apart
That idiot changed lanes without signalling. the inside/middle/outside lane Use the outside lane for overtaking only. the fast/slow lane Cars in the fast lane were travelling at over 80 miles an hour. three-lane motorway/highway/road

a particular side of a many-sided situation, idea, plan, etc.: The training program covers every aspect of the job. | The rise in violent crime is one of the more worrying aspects of the current situation.

American Equivalent: gas pedal

steering whee:
a wheel that you turn to control the direction of a car

to be in charge of an activity or person, and make sure that things are done in the correct way
Griffiths closely supervised the research.

these children need to be carefully supervised
under his supervision

in a RESPONSIBLE (3) way: I’ll trust you to behave responsibly while I’m out.

Anothr Source

in a sensible way which makes people trust you
ᅳopposite irresponsibly
act/behave responsibly Can I rely on you to behave responsibly while I’m away?