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اگر من ریزه میزه بودم

اگر من ریزه میزه بودم

If I Was Tiny-boy-اگر من ریزه میزه بودم

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If I Was Tiny

Imagine what life would be like if you were two inches tall.
You would have to be careful that nobody stepped on you.
You would have to watch out for cats, dogs and birds.
It would be very dangerous, but just think of the things that you could do.
You could live in dollhouse, or even a shoebox.

You could use a bottle cap for a plate.
You would have to wear dolls’ clothes.
A stamp would make a lovely picture to hang on your wall.
You could hide in a mouse hole or a drawer.
You wouldn’t need much food.
You could probably live comfortably on the crumbs that people would leave on the table.
A thimble would make a good cup.

If you went outside, the grass would seem like a jungle.

An insect would be huge and frightening.
A puddle would seem to be an ocean.
You could cross the puddle in a paper cup and use a spoon for an oar.
A matchbox would make a good bed with a handkerchief as a bedspread.
You’d brush your hair with a toothbrush, but you’d never find anything small enough to brush your teeth with.
You could take a ride on the back of a mouse.

You wouldn’t find any books that were small enough to read, but you might read the back of a pill bottle.
You could ride in a toy car and have a soup bowl for a swimming pool.
A leaf could be your umbrella, and a mitten would make a great sleeping bag.
If you used your imagination, you could think up something to use for almost all your purposes.
Being small might be fun, but then again, it would be frightening.

I’d be afraid of my pet cat.
I wouldn’t want a book to fall on me.
I would be afraid of being swept away by a big gust of wind.
I think I’d rather be my size.

watch out phr v infml
to take care:
-Watch out! There’s a car coming!
-You’ll become an alcoholic if you don’t watch out .
watch out for sthg./sbdy. phr v
1 to keep on looking for: Watch out for a tall man in a black hat.
2 to be careful of: Watch out for the dog/his temper!

a protective covering that you put on the end or top of an object
ᅳsynonym top
– Make sure you put the cap back on the pen.
– a bottle cap

live on something phrasal verb

to have a particular amount of money or food to use
-I don’t know how they manage to live on £55 a week.
-the number of families who live on benefits
-They live on bread and potatoes.
-He practically lives on fish and chips!


a very small piece of dry food, especially bread or cake
-She stood up to brush the crumbs off her uniform.
-the kids ate the dry bread and did not clear the crumbs off the
-eat the cake but don’t spill the crumbs!
-Brush the crumbs off the table.

a very small amount of something
crumb of comfort/hope/affection etc
-There was only one crumb of comfort – Alex hadn’t said anything
to Jeff.
crumbs of information/of comfort


a small metal or plastic cap used to protect your finger when you are sewing

puddle puddle
a small amount of water, esp. rain, lying in a hollow place in the ground


a long pole with a wide flat blade at one end, used for rowing a boat
ᅳsee also paddle



a piece of cloth that you use for drying your nose or eyes

synonyms: pocket handkerchief, tissue, paper handkerchief, Kleenex, napkin;
informal synonyms: nose-wiper, sneezer, wipe, wiper

 then/there again:


used to introduce an idea or fact that is different from something you have just said, or makes it seem less likely to be true
-She says she’s thirty-five. But then again she might be lying.

 swept away
to completely destroy something or make something disappear
-houses swept away by the floods.
-A sudden feeling of grief swept all my anger away.

Gust / gʌst /

A sudden gust of wind blew

a sudden strong movement of wind, air, rain etc
gust of
-A sudden gust of wind blew the door shut.
Gusts of up to 200 kph may be experienced.