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من دست و پا چلفتی هستم

من دست و پا چلفتی هستم

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دانلود فایل انگلیسی

I am Clumsy

My mother says that I am clumsy.
My father says that I am clumsy.
I know that I am clumsy.
I do things all the time that are clumsy.
I fall down for no reason at all.
If there is a crack in the sidewalk, I will be sure to trip on it and fall down.
If I carry a plate of food in the cafeteria, I almost always either drop it or bump into someone with it.
I don’t try to do these things, it just happens.
When I drink juice, I miss my mouth and get juice all over my shirt.
I always have something spilled on my clothes.
Last week I opened a jar of peanut butter.
The jar flew out of my hands and landed upside down on the floor.
There was a big glob of peanut butter on the floor.
Yesterday I knocked over the sugar bowl.
There was a big sticky mess on the floor.
I bump my head when I get into the car.
I rip my pants on things.
I lose my money out of my pockets.
I step on the cat’s tail.
I always feel bad when I do that because the cat thinks I don’t love her.
I don’t mean to do these things.
I am just a clumsy person.
My parents tell me to slow down.
I am always in a hurry; maybe that’s why I’m so clumsy.
Maybe it’s just a stage that I am going through.
If it is, I hope it is over soon.
Being clumsy is no fun at all.

awkward and ungraceful in movement or action; without skill or grace: He’s too clumsy to be a good dancer. | You clumsy oaf ! You’ve knocked over my coffee!

trip on

trip-on-over-up :: trip-on-over-up
also trip up (phrasal verb)
also trip over
[intransitive]to hit something with your foot by accident so that you fall or almost fall
ᅳsynonym stumble

*He tripped and fell .
trip over
Clary tripped over a cable and broke his foot.
trip on
He tripped on the bottom step.

trip up (phrasal verb)

to hit something with your foot so that you fall, or to make someone do this
trip somebody ↔ up
He chased the thief, tripped him up, and grabbed the camera.

glob noun

a small amount of something soft or liquid that has a round shape
ᅳsynonym dollop

*globs of paint


[singular, uncountable]if there is a mess somewhere or a place is a mess, things there are dirty or not neatly arranged
What a mess!Sorry – the place is a bit of a mess .When I got home, the house was a complete mess .
in a mess
British English The burglars left the house in an awful mess.
You can make cookies if you promise not to make a mess in the kitchen. clear/clean up the mess Whoever is responsible for this mess can clear it up immediately!She hates mess.


to tear something or be torn quickly and violently
Her clothes had all been ripped. The sails ripped under the force of the wind. Impatiently, Sue ripped the letter open .
he buttons had been ripped off.