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Hobbies are activities that people do in their spare time, for the sake of enjoyment. A hobby usually involves work of some kind, but the work is fun for the person who does it. Some people enjoy their hobbies very much and like to spend much time on those hobbies.
There are many different hobbies that people enjoy. One of the most popular hobbies is gardening. Many people enjoy growing beautiful flowers or tasty vegetables in a garden near their house or apartment. People who have a garden enjoy seeing the results of their work, when flowers show their bright, beautiful colours. But gardeners also enjoy the tasks of gardening itself. They like to work in the soil, planting and watering their flowers.
Another popular hobby is photography. Some people enjoy taking pictures of the people and places around them. People who enjoy photography may sometimes buy expensive cameras that allow interesting photographs to be taken. But even people who have only a basic camera can still take beautiful pictures.
For many people, car repair is a favourite hobby. Some people enjoy looking at the engine and other parts of their cars. Those people make repairs or improvements to their cars. Of course, this is a useful hobby, but many people enjoy “fixing up” a car simply because they enjoy working with cars.
Some people collect objects as a hobby. For example, some people collect postage stamps, and some people collect coins. It can be very satisfying to find the missing parts of one’s collection, especially when the stamps or coins are very rare.
Of course, these are just a few of the many hobbies that people enjoy. Do you have any hobbies that you enjoy?


for the sake of somebody/something
also for somebody’s/something’s sake
in order to help, improve, or please someone or something
*He moved to the seaside for the sake of his health.

*I only went for Kay’s sake.
*I hope he’s told the truth for his own sake (=because it will be good for him) .

*for the sake of friendship
*to toil for the sake of money
*for my mother’s sake
*for God’s (or Heaven’s or Pete’s) sake!

He’s going to live by the coast for the sake of his health. | I’m only doing it for your sake; I don’t care about it myself. | For both our sakes, please do as I ask

food that is tasty has a good taste, but is not sweet
a simple but tasty meal


the money charged for sending a letter, package etc by post
*How much is the postage for a postcard?