Halloween (1)

جشن شکرگزاری، آموزش زبان انگلیسی
Ghosts, goblins, witches, princes and princesses, kings, queens, skeletons! So may of these “things” are walking down my street. “Oh, no! They are coming to my door!” The doorbell chimes, and I slowly open the door. There standing on my front porch, is a little ghost and a cute little witch. They hold up a bag and say, “trick or treat.” I put candy into their bags and they smile and say, “Thank you.”
Every October 31 is Halloween. That is when children dress up as different things (not just funny people, but things like animals or fruits or vegetables, etc). They go from door to door and get different candies or little toys from the people in the houses. Some children, who are not very nice, will do naughty things to houses where people are not home, like throwing eggs at their windows. I think that is bad.
Sometimes people decorate their houses for this day. Some of the houses can be pretty scary. They’ll have scary noises coming from a tape recorder, too. However, it’s only for a few days out of the year, so we may as well have fun with it.
This year my brother is dressing up as a skeleton, and I’m dressing up as a bride. I am wearing my mom’s wedding dress. It is fun dressing up in costumes and putting on lots of makeup. Sometimes our friends don’t even know who we really are!
The best part of Halloween is the candy, of course. I once got an entire garbage bag full of candy. Mom and Dad took it away because I was eating too much. Mom gave me a piece of candy every day, though. If you eat too much candy, you can get a stomach ache. You need to remember to brush your teeth often, too, so you don’t get cavities. Still, that candy sure does taste good!
Well, it’s time to go “trick or treating.” So off I go, door to door, getting yummy candy and hearing people say, “Oh, aren’t you pretty!”

a small ugly creature in children’s stories that likes to trick people

the son of a king, queen, or prince
Prince William


a close female relation of a king and queen, especially a daughter
Princess Anne


1 to (cause to) ring: The church bells chimed.
2 to show (the time) by ringing: The clock chimed one o’clock.

a structure built onto the front or back entrance of a house, with a floor and a roof but no walls

to do something that is not right or good, but is not very serious
*I felt a bit naughty going off on my own, leaving the children behind.

*the neighbor’s naughty children
tape recorder:

a piece of electrical equipment that can record sound on tape and play it back

coloured substances that are put on your face to improve or change your appearance
*I don’t usually wear much make-up .
*Her hair looked untidy, and she had no make-up on .
*I’m just putting my make-up on , then I’ll be ready.
*girls in heavy make-up
*Don’t you ever wear eye make-up ?


tasting very good
This cake is really yummy.

the neighbor’s naughty children