Giving advice and opinions (706-720)

دانلود فایل صوتی

706    If you want my advice, I don’t think you should go.
707    I suggest that you tear up the letter and start over again.
708    It’s only a suggestion, and you can do that you please.
709    Let me give you a little fatherly advice.
710    If you don’t like it, I wish you would say so.
711    Please don’t take offense, I only wanted to tell you what I think.
712    In my opinion, the house isn’t worth the price they’re asking.
713    My feeling is that you ought to stay home tonight.
714    It’s none of my business, but I think you ought to work harder.
715    In general, my reaction is favourable.
716    If you don’t take my advice, you’ll be sorry.
717    I’ve always tried not to interfere in your affairs.
718    I’m old enough to make up my own mind.
719    Thanks for the advice, but this is something I have to figure out myself.
720    He won’t pay attention to anybody. You’re just wasting your breath.