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اولین سفر دور از خانه

اولین سفر دور از خانه

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First Trip Away From Home

Today I am going to my friend’s house. Her name is Valerie. This is going to be my first trip away from home, without my parents. My dad is driving me to Valerie’s house, and I’ll be staying there for two weeks. Her mom will drive me back home. It takes about l l/2 hours to get there. I have to pack enough clothes for play, work and church.

I hope I’ll pack the right things. Of course, I have to remember my toothbrush and hairbrush. Valerie lives on a farm. I’ll be helping her dad with milking the cows–I think! We’ll play up in the hayloft after we have helped put the bales into the barn. We’ll be all itchy when that job is done! There are a lot of things to do on a farm. Her mom is a good cook and will feed us well! There is a nice pond where we can go swimming. I mustn’t forget my bathing suit. I wonder if the farm dog comes into the pond, too. That would be funny!

My dad and mom are giving me money just in case we go shopping. I hope we do go shopping because I want to buy lots of candy. (I won’t tell my mom that!) Oh, dear! I hear Dad yelling, “Let’s go!” I haven’t even finished packing my things yet. I guess I better stop writing this now and get busy fast! Bye!

the top part of a farm building where hay is stored

bale :: bale
a large quantity of something such as paper or hay that is tightly tied together especially into a block
*a bale of straw
*bales of old newspapers
*two bales of cotton

a small area of fresh water that is smaller than a lake, that is either natural or artificially made