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اولین قرار ملاقات


اولین قرار ملاقات

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First Date

“Ring, ring.” The phone is ringing. My mother answers it. “Hello,” she says. It is for me. When I pick up the phone, I hear a boy’s voice. It is a boy I go to school with.
This boy is very nice, and he is cute, too. He asks me if I want to go out for dinner with him tonight. I say yes. He is going to pick me up at 5:30 p.m. in the evening. He has a nice red car.
Before he picks me up, I have to find an outfit to wear. I am nervous and don’t know what to wear. So my sister picks out an outfit for me. I feel excited and have the sensation of butterflies in my stomach. The inside of my hands are damp, too. I put on my outfit and do my hair. My sister gives me some nice clips to put in my hair.
“Ding-dong,” the doorbell buzzes. My date is here! I hurry to the door, so I can greet him. He tells me that I look nice and that we are going to a place called M-T Bellies.
When we arrive at M-T Bellies, there is loud music playing. A smiling waitress comes who serves us our food. I order a large caesar salad. My date orders steak. When it arrives, the food looks and is delicious! The waitress asks us if we want dessert after we’ve finished. But we are too full. So we ask for our bill to pay.
My date pays for the meal. I brought money just in case we would share the cost. When we leave the restaurant, we go for a walk by the river. It is a beautiful night.
I am enjoying my first date. I am laughing and having fun. It is time for us to go home. So my date takes me home. I smile and thank him for the great time. I hope he’ll ask me out again!


a set of clothes worn together, especially for a special occasion
*She bought a new outfit for the party.

*a cowboy outfit

slightly wet, often in an unpleasant way: damp grass | damp clothes | The tenants complained to their landlord about the damp walls in the bedroom. | an unhealthy damp climate | Use a damp cloth to clean the table.

[countable] a small metal or plastic object that holds or fastens things together
The wire is held on with a metal clip. a wad of money in a gold clip


to say hello to someone or welcome them
Belinda greeted her warmly.
greet somebody with something
Bill opened the door to Harold and greeted him with cries of welcome.