Ending a project

Ending a project
Get rid of it.
Finish it off .
Nip it in the bud.
 Do it in. (informal)
86 it. (slang)
86 = nix = to negate; to destroy
Kill it . (informal)
Kill it off. (informal)
 Wipe it out. (informal)
Wipe it off the map. (informal)
Sound the death knell. (informal)
the death knell = the sound of hells that signals an impending or recent death
Put it out of its misery. (informal)
Pull the plug on it. (slang)
 Pull the rug out from under it. (informal)
 Put the skids on it. (informal)
 Nuke it. (slang)
= Destroy it with a nuclear bomb.
 Throw  it away.
Throw it out.
 Pitch it. (informal)
Toss it. (informal)
junk it. (informal)
Trash it. (informal)
Dump it. (informal)
Put it in the circular file. (informal)
the circular file = a (round) wastebasket
 File it in the circular bin. (informal)
the circular bin = the circular file; a (round) wastebasket
 File it.(informal)