Encouraging someone to try something

Encouraging someone to try something
Have a go at it.
a  go = a try
Take a shot at it. (informal)
a shot= a try
Take a stab at it. (informal)
a stab=a try
Take a crack at it.(informal)
a crack= a try
Have a crack at it.
 Take a whack at it.(informal)
A whack= a try
Come on. (informal)
It won’t hurt you to try it.
 Everybody’s doing it.
 Everyone else is doing it.
 It’s all the rage.
the rage = the current fad
Try your luck.
See what you can do.
 Nothing ventured, nothing gained.(cliché)
 Go on.
Get going.
 Get going already.
 Get moving.
 No pain, no gain. (cliché)
Get a move on. (informal)
Get cracking. (slang)
 Get on the stick.(slang)
Get the lead out. (slang)
 Get off your ass*. (mildly vulgar)
Get off your backside (slang)

* The word “ass” is considered pretty vulgar, again, people who know each other well, young people, etc would use these phrases. People who use vulgarities a lot would  use “ass” easily, and others would rarely use it, or only use it in anger.