Encouraging someone to speak plainly

Encouraging someone to speak plainly
Enough already. (informal)
Out with it! (informal)
 = Say it!; Speak out!
Don’t  mince words.
to mince = to cut up or disguise
 Spare (me) nothing.
 Lay it on the line.(informal)
Tell it to me like a man. (informal)
 Give it to me straight. (informal)
straight = unadorned
 Give it to me in plain English.
plain English=simple and direct terms
Don’t beat around the bush. (idiomatic)
 Stop beating around the bush.(idiomatic)
Stop circumventing the issue.
Put your cards on the table. (idiomatic)
Stop speaking in circles.
 What does that mean in English? (informal)
 Cut the crap. (mildly vulgar)
crap = dung = needless talk