Elementary School

ابتدایی :: ابتدایی

I go to Gainsborough Public Elementary School. I am in Grade 8. I am known as the “King/Queen” of the school this year. I feel very grown up. I love being the oldest kid in the school. My friends and I are told that we are examples to the younger kids in the school. That means we need to be good. I remember looking up to the grade eight kids when I was younger. I remember thinking how big and wise they seemed to be. Now that I’m in grade eight, I hope that the younger kids see me as wise.
I want to be a music teacher or maybe a nurse. My school counsellor helps me plan for high school. I am nervous because I know I will not feel like the “King” anymore. Things will be so different. I am excited because I will be meeting so many new people!
I am looking forward to my graduation. I will wear a pink, silky dress. My shoes are a light pink, too. My date’s name is Chad. He is very nice. He is a good friend. I have known Chad since I was a little girl.
I know that my future will be a bright one. I will miss all of my friends but I know we will see each other again someday.


someone whose behaviour is very good and should be copied by others, or this type of behaviour
example to
Her courage is an example to us all.
Parents should set an example for their children.

I suggest you follow Rosie’s example (=copy her behaviour) and start doing regular exercise.
The team captain leads by example .
She’s a shining example (=a very good example) of what a mother should be.

one of the 12 years that students are at school in the American school system, or the students in a particular year
second/eleventh etc grade My brother is in the sixth grade.a fifth-grade teacher

British English counselor American English
someone whose job is to help and support people with problems
Have you thought of seeing a counsellor? student/marriage guidance/stress etc counsellor