September 27, 2017

Do you manage your time well?

در مصاحبه هایی شفاهی انگلیسی ممکن است از شما بپرسند آیا شما به خوبی زمان خود را مدیریت می کنید؟ به چه شیوه ایی؟ 

12-Do you manage your time well?

“In what ways do you manage your time well?”

The first question is a little easier. The second question is more difficult because it requires an example. I’m going to give an example for the second question and you should be able to use it for the first question as well.


Short Answer

“I know I manage my time well because I’m never late to work, and I’ve never missed a deadline.”

“I’m good at managing my time. I stay busy both at home and at work and being able to manage my time is necessary for me to do everything that I want to do.”

“I manage my time well by planning out what I have to do for the whole week. It keeps me on track and evens helps me to be more efficient.”

Long Answer

“Managing my time is one of my strong traits. I prioritize my tasks and this allows me to stay ahead of schedule. Each day I manage my time so I can achieve more than I set out to do. So managing my time in a goal oriented way is what I feel very comfortable doing.”