September 18, 2017

صحبت در مورد ورزش باشگاهی _سوال و جواب

Exercise Gym – Questions and Answers

Here are some questions you can ask.


صحبت در مورد ورزش باشگاهی _سوال و جواب

نمونه ای از سوالاتی که می توانید بپرسید


“Where do you work out?”
“What club do you work out at?”
“When do you usually work out?”
“How often do you work out?”
“How many hours do you work out in a day?”


Work out = تمرین ورشی ،ورزش

To ask how they work out or what their routine is, you can ask:

“When you bench, how many reps and sets do you do?”

Reps are repetition. In weight lifting terminology, this means how many times they lift in one set.

“Do you do low reps with heavy weights, or many reps with light weight.”
“How many sets do you do when you work out your arms?”

If you are the person being asked these questions, here are ways you can answer:

می توانید به سوالات بالا پاسخ هایی مانند زیر بدهید

“I work out at 24 Hour Fitness”
“I work out at Bally’s”
“I work out at Samsung Health Club”

“I started lifting weights about 2 years ago.”
“I have been lifting weights for about 2 years now.”
“I just started 9 months ago.”

“I usually work out 2 hours a day 4 times a week.”
“I work out everyday for an hour.”
“I go to the gym 3 times a week.”
“I go in every other day.”

“I can bench press 220 pounds.”
“I squat 400 pounds.”
“I curl 90 pounds.”

“I’m trying to gain bulk so I’m doing low reps with heavy weights.”
“I’m trying to get ripped, so I’m doing a lot of repetitions.”


Ripped means to get lines to show up in the muscles. It’s called ripped because when you rip a piece of paper, you see a line in the paper where the tear is. So a person is ripped when you can see lines on his body due to muscles.