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انتخاب حرفه

انتخاب حرفه

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Career Choices

What do you want to be when you grow up?
There are so many things that you can be.
You might want to work in the field of law.
You could be a police officer.
You could be a judge or a lawyer.
Maybe you’d like to work in the food industry.
You could be a cook or a waitress.
You might want to manage a hotel dining room.
Perhaps you would want to do room service in a hotel.
You could be a chef and make fancy meals for people.
Maybe show business is what you’d like to be involved in.
You could act in television shows or movies.
You could sing or play an instrument in a band.
If you like to help people, you could go into medicine.
You could be a doctor or a nurse.
You might be a surgeon and operate on people.
There are other jobs in the field of medicine too.
You could be an x-ray technician or a lab technician.
It takes a lot of education to be a doctor.
Maybe you would rather be a teacher.
You could teach in a primary school or a high school.
If you don’t want to work with children, you could become a professor at a university.
There are hundreds of other jobs to choose from too.
You might want to fix cars or work in a store.
You could be a dentist or a veterinarian.
You could be a janitor or a zookeeper.
There are so many jobs that I just can’t name them all.
Maybe you’d like to be a minister or an organist at a church.
You could be a babysitter or a shop clerk.
You might be interested in being an astronaut or a baker.
You could work in a bank or at a shop.
You could work on a construction crew and build roads and houses.
Maybe you’d rather decorate the houses, so you’d become an interior decorator.
You could cut hair or be a driving instructor.
The list is endless.
There are even jobs that you may never have heard about.
The choice is yours.
You just choose whatever you want to be and do your best to become that.
I could go on forever . . . you could work in a library.
You could be a factory worker or a fisherman.
You could make clothes or build bridges.
You could wash windows or be a bricklayer.
The possibilities are endless.


fancy hotels, restaurants, cars etc are expensive and fashionable
ᅳsynonym swankyHarry took me to a fancy restaurant for our anniversary. fancy prices British English (=very high and often unreasonable prices)
having a lot of decoration or bright colours, or made in a complicated way
fancy soaps in seashell shapes I just want a basic sports coat – nothing fancy .
complicated and needing a lot of skill
ᅳopposite straightforwardI can’t do all that fancy stuff on the computer.Negotiating a deal can take some fancy footwork (=skill at making deals) .
[only before noun] American English fancy food is of a high quality


janitor.jpg :: janitor
especially American English someone whose job is to look after a school or other large building
British Equivalent: caretaker


someone who plays the organ
a church organist


[uncountable] the process of building things such as houses, bridges, roads etc
construction of
the construction of a new airport
under construction
(=being built) The hotel is currently under construction.
a road construction project construction workers


a group of people working together with special skills
a TV camera crew