Canadian Rocky Mountains

ome of the best-known mountain scenery on Earth is concentrated in a set of seven parks in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. There are four national parks in the Canadian Rockies – Banff, Jasper, Yoho and Kootenay, and three British Columbia provincial parks – Mount Robson, Mount Assiniboine and Hamber. The seven preserves located along the Alberta-British Columbia border attract more than nine million people annually.  

Banff National Park became Canada’s first national park in 1885, and the birthplace of Canada’s national park system. It is home to a variety of distinctive natural features and cultural and historical sites. Rugged mountains, glaciers, icefields, alpine meadows, beautiful blue cold-water lakes, mineral hot springs, deep canyons and hoodoos compose the natural landscape and habitat for a great variety of mammals such as elk, bighorn sheep, black and grizzly bear, and caribou.  

Jasper National Park is the largest and most northerly of the Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks. The park is less commercialized than Banff, so it can still keep many natural beauties and scenery. Its scenery includes deeply gouged Maligne Canyon, picturesque Maligne Lake, the thunder of Sunwapta Falls, the serene beauty of glacier-covered Mount Edith Cavell, and Miette Hot Springs.  

As one of 39 national parks in Canada, Kootenay National Park represents the south-western slopes of the Canadian Rocky Mountains. From glacier-clad peaks to semi-arid grasslands, where even cactus grows, Kootenay is rich in variety and is one of the largest protected areas in the world.  

Yoho National Park, representing the western slopes of the Rocky Mountains region, holds the secrets of ancient ocean life, the power of ice and water, and unique plant and animal communities that continue to evolve today. Awe and wonder is a natural response for this place of rock walls, spectacular waterfalls and soaring peaks. The Burgess Shale contains one of the world’s most significant finds of soft-bodied, Middle Cambrian-age marine fossils, with about 150 species, including some bearing no resemblance to known animals.  

These four Canadian National Parks account for 14,300 square miles. The four National Parks along with the three British Columbia provincial parks form the UNESCO Rocky Mountain Parks World Heritage Site-one of the largest protected areas in the world.

scenery [uncountable]

the natural features of a particular part of a country that you can see, such as mountains, forests, deserts etc
The best part of the trip was the fantastic scenery.
The scenery around Rostam Abad is beautiful  

Common Errors:
What a beautiful scenery!
What beautiful scenery!
Scenery is an uncountable noun.



to be present in large numbers or amounts somewhere, or to cause people or things to be present in large numbers or amounts somewhere
ᅳsee also concentration
concentrate something in/at something
Italian industry is concentrated mainly in the north. Construction of the aircraft is being concentrated at Prestwick.
concentrate in/at
Women concentrate in a small number of occupations.

Another Source:
to (cause to) come together in or around one place: Industrial development is being concentrated in the south of the country. | The crowds concentrated around the palace.



1 to save something or someone from being harmed or destroyed  →  preservation : 
We must encourage the planting of new trees and preserve our existing woodlands.

2 to make something continue without changing : 
the responsibility of the police to preserve the peace
Norma tried to preserve a normal family life in difficult circumstances.


having a special quality, character, or appearance that is different and easy to recognize
a rock band with a distinctive sound
She has a very distinctive way of walking.
a distinctive flavor



having a rough uneven surface:
rugged hills
rugged terrain
a rugged coastline
the rugged beauty of the Highlands


a large mass of ice which moves slowly down a mountain valley


relating to the Alps (=a mountain range in central Europe) or to mountains in general
breathtaking alpine scenery

alpine flowers
alpine skiing



a field with wild grass and flowers


[countable] a place where water comes up naturally from the ground
spring water

There are several hot springs in the area.


a deep valley with very steep sides of rock that usually has a river running through it


Rocks with strange shapes


the natural home of a plant or animal
watching monkeys in their natural habitat
The grassland is an important habitat for many wild flowers.
The polar bear’s habitat is the icy wastes of the Arctic.
I prefer to see animals in their natural habitat, rather than in zoos.


a large North American deer

bighorn sheep

a wild sheep with long curved horns that lives in the mountains of western North America


a North American reindeer


to be more concerned with making money from something than about its quality – used to show disapproval
Christmas has become so commercialized.



to make a deep hole or cut in the surface of something : 
He took a knife and gouged a hole in the bottom of the boat.


a picturesque place is pretty and interesting in an old-fashioned way
a quiet fishing village with a picturesque harbour


very calm or peaceful
The child’s face was serene and beautiful. a serene mountain lake
a serene summer night
a serene smile
She just says what she thinks, with serene indifference to whether it may offend people.


to lie or move in a direction neither completely upright nor completely flat; be or go at an angle:
The mountains slope down to the sea.
The floor slopes badly here.
sloping handwriting
a steep slope
a gentle (=not steep) slope

partly but not completely:
in the semidarkness | a semi-invalid | semi-literate people


arid land or an arid climate is very dry because it has very little rain
Water from the Great Lakes is pumped to arid regions .


if an animal or plant evolves, it changes gradually over a long period of time  →  evolution
evolve from
Fish evolved from prehistoric sea creatures.
Animals have evolved camouflage to protect themselves from predators.


a feeling of deep respect mixed with fear and wonder: The sight filled us with awe.
He felt great awe for the landscape.
with/in awe
Kate gazed at the statue with awe.


unusually interesting or grand; attracting excited notice; very IMPRESSIVE: There was a spectacular explosion when the firework factory blew up. | The new play was a spectacular success. | a spectacular waterfall
a mountainous area with spectacular scenery
a spectacular success


[not in progressive] if buildings, trees, towers etc soar, they look very tall and impressive
Here the cliffs soar a hundred feet above the sea. a soaring skyscraper


a) the sharply pointed top of a mountain
snow-capped mountain peaks jagged peaks
b) a mountain
ᅳsee also summit Mount McKinley is Alaska’s highest peak.





if there is a resemblance between two people or things, they are similar, especially in the way they look
ᅳsee also similarity
resemblance between
The resemblance between Susan and her sister was remarkable.
bear a (close/striking/uncanny etc) resemblance to somebody/something (=look like)
Tina bears a striking resemblance to her mother.
bear little/no resemblance to somebody/something
What happens in the film bears little resemblance to what actually happened.