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A Life Experience

My friend Lani and I went to Burger King yesterday. We ordered a big order of french fries and a couple of drinks. Lani got a strawberry milk shake.
I picked out a table near the window so we could look at the people passing by. As we were sitting there, we heard our favourite song, “Butterfly” by the band Crazy Town come on the radio. We looked at each other with big grins on our faces and started singing and dancing!
It was great fun. Many people began staring at us, wondering why we were so happy. We didn’t care; we just kept on moving and enjoying ourselves.
The song ended, and we were almost finished our food. We sat and talked about what was happening in our lives. She had just bought four new t-shirts for the summer. The new sandals she had gotten for her birthday had given her really bad blisters on the sides of her feet. When she wore other shoes, she had to wear ban daids on the blisters. I told her that I had bought four new C.D.’s. I love music!
As we finished our conversation, we finished off our drinks. I like going out with Lani and talking. Lani is my best friend and I can talk to her about anything. I am glad I have her to share my life with, even if it is as simple as going to Burger King and eating french fries!
Lani and I are planning to travel together so we are trying to save our money. Our french fries and drink only came to about $6, so we didn’t feel too bad about spending our money!
I wonder though, if McDonald’s would have been cheaper?

milk shake:

British English a sweet drink made of milk with fruit or chocolate added
American English a sweet drink made of milk, ice cream, and fruit or chocolate


a wide smile
He came into the room with a friendly grin on his face .

wide/broad/big etc grin

‘Of course,’he agreed with a wide grin.

band aid:
trademark especially American English a piece of thin material that is stuck to the skin to cover cuts and other small wounds
British Equivalent: plaster


a swelling on your skin containing clear liquid, caused for example by a burn or continuous rubbing
New shoes always give me blisters.