A Ghost


One dark and gloomy night, I was sitting in my bedroom reading ghost stories.
The stories were very scary.
A storm was brewing outside my window.
The wind began to howl, and the trees shook and bent in the wind.
Lightening started to flash across the sky.
I felt uneasy as I heard the low rumble of thunder.
I glanced around my room.
The shadows were deep and dark.
The ghost stories were making my imagination play tricks on me.
I thought that the shadows were moving.
I looked under my bed to make sure that nothing was under there.
I hid under the covers and peeked out.
I was starting to hear things.
A big streak of lightening flashed across the sky, and a loud clap of thunder made me jump.
I was very nervous.
All of a sudden, I heard a noise.
It was coming from my closet.
I thought that it must be a ghost.
I looked out from under my covers and waited for the ghost to appear.
My face was white, and I was very, very scared.
Then, I heard the noise again.
Yes, there was definitely a rustling in my closet.
I stayed very still and did not make a sound.
I watched the closet and hoped that the ghost would not come flying out at me.
Something started to come out of the closet.
I squeezed my eyes shut.
I didn’t dare to look at the ghost.
I heard it come out of the closet.
I felt it jump up on my bed.
I was still too scared to look.
Then the ghost made a noise.
It said, “meow.”
I opened my eyes and saw my kitten standing there.
It was my kitten that had made the rustling noises in the closet.
I laughed and felt very foolish.
I have decided not to read ghost stories on dark stormy nights.
I think my imagination plays tricks on me when I read ghost stories on nights like that.

almost dark, esp. in an unpleasant way: a gloomy day
It was a gloomy room with one small window.

be brewing:
a) if something unpleasant is brewing, it will happen soon
There’s trouble brewing in the office.
b) if a storm is brewing, it will happen soon

if the wind howls, it makes a loud high sound as it blows
wind howling in the trees

worried or slightly afraid because you think that something bad might happen
uneasy about
90% of those questioned felt uneasy about nuclear power.

Another Source
feeling anxious, uncertain, and uncomfortable in the mind:
*I’m uneasy about this decision.
*the uneasy situation in the city

a series of long low sounds
rumble of
the low rumble of traffic in the distance
the distant rumble of gunfire


to quickly look at someone or something
glance at/up/down etc
The man glanced nervously at his watch.

Wyatt glanced around the restaurant.
Emily glanced over her shoulder.
he glanced at the letter and put it in his pocket

play tricks (on you):
if your mind, memory, sight etc plays tricks on you, you feel confused and not sure about what is happening
*It happened a long time ago, and my memory might be playing tricks on me.

*thought my eyes must be playing tricks on me. (=deceiving me)

to look quickly at something, or to look at something from behind something else, especially something that you are not supposed to see
ᅳsee also peep
peek at/through/into etc
Carefully he peeked through the glass window in the door.

Paula opened the box and peeked inside.
Shut your eyes and don’t peek!

Another Source

to take a quick look at something, esp. when one should not: They caught him peeking through the keyhole at what was going on in the room.


streak of lightning/fire/light etc
a long straight flash of lightning, fire etc

a sudden loud noise
an ear-splitting clap of thunder


if leaves, papers, clothes etc rustle, or if you rustle them, they make a noise as they rub against each other
She moved nearer, her long silk skirt rustling around her. He rustled the papers on his desk.
autumn leaves rustled in the wind


with strong winds, heavy rain, and dark clouds
The sky was starting to look stormy. a dark and stormy night
a stormy relationship, meeting etc is full of strong and often angry feelings
a stormy affair
stormy seas are very rough with big waves that are caused by strong winds
hostile, stormy seas

Longman Interactive American Dictionary
©Addison Wesley Longman 1997

almost dark, esp. in an unpleasant way: a gloomy day