Work and Careers (796-810)

796    I’m a federal employee, I work for the Department of Labor.
797    What kind of work do you do? Are you a salesman?
798    As soon as I complete my training, I’m going to be a bank teller.
799    John has built up his own business. He owns a hotel.
800    What do you want to be when you grow up? Have you decided yet?
801    I like painting, but I wouldn’t want it to be my life’s work.
802    Have you ever thought about a career in the medical profession?
803    My uncle was a pilot with the airlines. He just retired.
804    My brother’s in the army. He was just promoted to the rank of major.
805    I have a good-paying job with excellent hours.
806    My sister worked as a secretary before she got married.
807    George’s father is an attorney. He has his own practice.
808    He always takes pride in his work. He’s very efficient.
809    Mr. Smith is a politician. He’s running for election as governor.
810    After a successful career in business, he was appointed ambassador.