Talking about future activities (376-390)

376    What time are you going to get up tomorrow morning?
377    I’ll probably wake up early and get up at 6:30.
378    What will you do then?
379    After I get dressed, I’ll have breakfast.
380    What will you have for breakfast tomorrow morning?
381    I’ll probably have eggs and toast for breakfast.
382    After breakfast, I’ll get ready to go to work.
383    I’ll leave the house at 8:00 and get to the office at 8:30.
384    I’ll probably go out for lunch at about 12:30.
385    I’ll finish working at 5:30 and get home by 6 o’clock.
386    Are you going to have dinner at home tomorrow night?
387    Do you think you’ll go to the movies tomorrow night?
388    I’ll probably stay home and watch television.
389    When I get sleepy, I’ll probably get ready for bed.
390    Do you think you’ll be able to go to sleep right away?