Radio and Television (871-885)

871    What channel did you watch on television last night?
872    I don’t get a good picture on my TV set. There’s something wrong.
873    You get good reception on your radio.
874    Please turn the radio up. It’s too low.
875    What’s on following the news and weather? Do you have a TV guide?
876    You ought to have Bill look at your TV. Maybe he could fix it.
877    We met one of the engineers over at the television station.
878    Where can I plug in the TV? Is this outlet all right?
879    I couldn’t hear the program because there was too much static.
880    Your car radio works very well. What kind is it?
881    The next time I buy a TV set, I’m going to buy a portable model.
882    I wonder if this is local broadcast.
883    You’d get better TV reception if you had an outside antenna.
884    Most amateur radio operators build their own equipment.
885    Station WRC is off the air now. They signed off two hours ago.