Music and literature (886-900)

886    What’s your favorite kind of music? Do you like jazz?
887    He’s a composer of serious music. I like his music a lot.
888    We went to a concert last night to hear the symphony orchestra.
889    My brother took lessons on the trumpet for nearly ten years.
890    You play the piano beautifully. How much do you practice every day?
891    I’ve never heard that piece before. Who wrote it?
892    Have you ever thought about becoming a professional musician?
893    Who is the author of this novel?
894    I’ve never read a more stirring story.
895    Who would you name as the greatest poet of our times?
896    This poetry is realistic. I don’t care for it very much.
897    Many great writers were not appreciated fully while they were alive.
898    This is a poem about frontier life in the United States.
899    This writer uses vivid descriptions in his writings.
900    How much do you know about the works of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow?