Making telephone calls (571-585)

571    You’re wanted on the telephone.
572    What number should I dial to get to the operator?
573    I want to make a long distance call.
574    Pick up the receiver and deposit a coin in the slot.
575    I tried to call Mr. Cooper, but the line was busy.
576    You must have dialled the wrong number.
577    I dialled the right number, but nobody answered.
578    The telephone is ringing. Would you answer it, please?
579    Would you like to leave a message?
580    Who is this? I don’t recognize your voice.
581    Would you please tell Mr. Cooper I called.
582    Is this Empire 5-4093?
583    I have to hang up now.
584    Put the receiver closer to your mouth. I can’t hear you.
585    Would you mind calling back sometime tomorrow?