Making plans (451-465)

451    What do you plan to do tomorrow?
452    I doubt that I’ll do anything tomorrow.
453    Please excuse me for a little while. I want to do something.
454    I imagine I’ll do some work instead of going to the movies.
455    Will it be convenient for you to explain your plans to him?
456    There’s nothing to do because tomorrow is a holiday.
457    What’s your brother planning to do tomorrow?
458    He can’t decide what to do.
459    It’s difficult to make a decision without knowing all the facts.
460    We’re trying to plan our future.
461    That’s a good idea.
462    I’m hoping to spend a few days in the mountains.
463    Would you consider going north this summer?
464    If there’s a chance you’ll go, I’d like to go with you.
465    After you think it over, please let me know what you decide.