Making appointments (541-555)

541    I’d like to make an appointment to see Mr. Cooper.
542    Would you like to arrange for a personal interview?
543    Your appointment will be next Thursday at 10 o’clock.
544    I can come any day except Thursday.
545    He wants to change his appointment from Monday to Wednesday.
546    She failed to call the office to cancel her appointment.
547    I’m going to call the employment agency for a job.
548    Please fill in this application form.
549    Are you looking for a permanent position?
550    I couldn’t keep the appointment because I was sick.
551    For the third time in a row, she had failed to keep her appointment .
552    I’m a new employee. I was hired yesterday.
553    Please call before you come, otherwise we might not be home.
554    Let’s make a date to go shopping next Thursday.
555    Will you please lock the door when you leave?